Trying to control Konq profile

D. R. Evans doc.evans at
Mon Aug 18 23:06:37 BST 2008

Nigel Henry said the following at 08/18/2008 03:42 PM :

> By contrast, if I open konqueror, the webbrowser, and upon opening it, and 
> without having to enter about:konqueror in the address bar, I still have a 
> bunch of icons showing, including the little house representing "Home". Click 
> on home, and get the icon view. Now I click on view, select tree view, which 
> changes to tree view. Now click on settings, then Save View Profile "Web 
> Browsing", then change the Profile Management window so that File Management 
> shows in the top box, click on save, close konqueror webbrowser, then reopen 
> it, click on the home icon, and I'm back to the icon view. for some reason 
> saving the tree view hasn't been saved.

Yup; that's what I can't do: get the treeview to stick when I click the
little house.

All along I've been thinking this was my stupidity, but maybe this is a
really weird bug. (One problem is that none of the Konq documentation I've
been able to find has been sufficiently clear for me to distinguish between
those two alternatives.)


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