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Nigel Henry cave.dnb2m97pp at
Mon Aug 18 22:42:09 BST 2008

Update: See below.

On Monday 18 August 2008 22:07, Nigel Henry wrote:
> On Monday 18 August 2008 21:45, D. R. Evans wrote:
> > Anne Wilson said the following at 08/18/2008 01:07 PM :
> > > Then I must be misunderstanding you.  what is this about:konqueror
> > > screen? The only one I have is the one that shows version, authors and
> > > translators.
> >
> > Well, all I know is that when I type "about:konqueror" in the address
> > bar, I get a pretty screen with a few things to click, one of which is a
> > little house, which sends me to my home directory.
> >
> > > Strange.  It works on this laptop - Mandriva 2008.1 with kde4.  And it
> > > worked on 2008.0 with kde3 - and earlier versions, but I can't remember
> > > how far back I first did it.
> >
> > Maybe you can post your profile file (or at least the [Profile] portion
> > of it, and I can simply adapt it.
> >
> > Although if you don't see the same screen as I do when you do
> > "about:konqueror", then I'm not sure how easy it will be to adapt it. If
> > I bypass the "about:konqueror" screen, I can get tree views just fine.
> >
> >   Doc
> Hi Doc. I just fired up Fedora 9, and opened konqueror, and the page you're
> referring to appears to be the default page when konqueror opens. I say
> this because I typed about:konqueror, and nothing changed. I then typed
> about:plugins, and got a list of plugins. Then I typed about:konqueror
> again, which brought me back to the initial screen.
> If this is the same one as you're referring to, I've got the little house
> for the home/user folder (and that works). there are also icons for,
> "Trash", "Network Folders", and "Applications", and below the icons, one
> line, as below, which starts with an arrow.
> Next: An Introduction to Konqueror
> Nigel.

Ok. Rebooted into Kubuntu HH 8.04. Now I've already got rid of Dolphin as the 
file manager, and reverted to konqueror. To do this open Control Centre on 
the main menu, then KDE Components > File Associations > inode > directory. 
Just click on Konqueror and move it up above Dolphin. You should now find 
Konqueror in file manager mode accessable from the icon (System Menu) to the 
right of the big "K".

So far so good Doc. Click on the System Menu icon and go for the home folder. 
Click on view, then select "tree view", which will change the view. Now click 
on settings, and then "Save View Profile "File Management"". Make sure the 
profile management window has File Management in the box, click on save.

Now that works ok. When clicking on the System Menu icon on the panel, and 
selecting Home Folder, I now get the tree view.

By contrast, if I open konqueror, the webbrowser, and upon opening it, and 
without having to enter about:konqueror in the address bar, I still have a 
bunch of icons showing, including the little house representing "Home". Click 
on home, and get the icon view. Now I click on view, select tree view, which 
changes to tree view. Now click on settings, then Save View Profile "Web 
Browsing", then change the Profile Management window so that File Management 
shows in the top box, click on save, close konqueror webbrowser, then reopen 
it, click on the home icon, and I'm back to the icon view. for some reason 
saving the tree view hasn't been saved.

Just some observations.


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