Trying to control Konq profile

D. R. Evans doc.evans at
Mon Aug 18 17:08:15 BST 2008

Anne Wilson said the following at 08/18/2008 09:07 AM :
> On Monday 18 August 2008 15:36:50 D. R. Evans wrote:
>> Now that Akademy is over, I'll try asking this again:
>> Running Kubuntu 8.04, KDE 3.5.9.
>> Konq behaviour that I want:
>> 1. Open on the about:konqueror screen
> Hi, Doc.  I think this must be a kubuntu thing, or at least I don't understand 
> the reference.  But maybe that doesn't matter much.

I just tried it in Mandriva (2006), and it behaves the same, so I don't
think it's just a Kubuntu question.

>> 2. When I view a directory (and, in particular, when I click on the "home"
>> icon on the about:konqueror page), view the directory in treeview mode.
> Do you mean that you want it to always open in treeview mode?  If so,...

Yes, that's what I mean.

>> It's got to be easy, but I have messed and messed with the profile file,
>> and I simply cannot get Konq to do the above.
> set the view to treeview mode, then go to Settings > Save View Profile (don't 
> worry if it says Web Browsing, or any other profile) and it gives you the 
> option of selecting an existing profile or creating another one.  Just select 
> File Management and save.  Quit konq and restart it.  That should do it.

Nope. :-( That's probably the very first thing I tried.


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