I want to create a new shortcut key combo in Konqueror (3.5)

g geleem at bellsouth.net
Sat Aug 16 21:03:58 BST 2008

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Bogus Zaba wrote:
> The only view I like in Konq as a file manager is the old-fahsioned text 
> view. So I set konq to this as default and most of the time it respects 
> my wishes.

meaning you have had to set it more than once in same install?

> Now and again (usually if I start using media:/ or system:/ 
> rather than sticking to my own files in the view) konq will start 
> showing me stuff as icons and to get it back to text I have to go to 
> View Menu, View Mode, Text View to get back to the view I want.

are you closing konq down in those modes?

if answers to above are yes, then i ask have you saved your settings via
'settings > save view profile'?

> Can I 
> create a short-cut key combination which will just execute this command 
> in one keypress?

maybe, but i have never had problems you are having.

in every new install, i do not upgrade, i go thru complete setup of konq
to what i want, and run thru 'settings > configure konqueror' last. then
'settings > save view profile'. doing this, i have always had konq start
back with all my settings.

only problems i have ever had is exiting kde with konq still open. sometimes
it will start back with nav window closed. 'f9' brings it back.


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