ssh to multiple servers in seperate tabs in Konsole with?one?bookmark or script?

Michael Mauch michael.mauch at
Thu Aug 7 19:23:38 BST 2008

JW wrote:

> So if I could set up a bunch of those and then save them in a profile, it 
> would be great - but after I save the profile, when I  start it up again, all 
> the tabs are opened, and are even named correctly, but instead of running ssh 
> I'm just sent to a bash shell. So it seems like the profiles do not actually 
> make use of the sessions directly?
> Inside the profile I see (amongst other things):
> Args0=/bin/bash
> Args1=/bin/bash
> and:
> Pgm0=/bin/bash
> Pgm1=/bin/bash

Strange - I have:

Args0=/bin/zsh,-c,ssh localhost



For a normal shell it's:


I have zsh as the login shell in /etc/passwd, but I have no idea why
zsh is apparently used to call itself.

> I'm assuming I might be able to change one of those to match what I need but 
> I'm not sure what they do (officially).

I also don't know what the purpose of the Pgm* is.


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