ssh to multiple servers in seperate tabs in Konsole with one?bookmark or script?

JW jw at
Thu Aug 7 00:47:18 BST 2008

On Wednesday 06 August 2008 13:52:01 Michael Mauch wrote:
> JW wrote:
> > I routinely need to run some commands on a whole bunch of remote servers
> > at once.
> >
> > Currently when I need to do this, I open up a new Konsole, ssh to the
> > first server, name that tab with the server's name. Open a new tab, ssh
> > to the second server, name that tab. And so on, for all my servers. THen
> > I can use the "send input to all sessions" option.
> >
> > What I would like to do is have some command or bookmark to do al the
> > tabopening/ssh connections at once.
> You could use Settings -> Configure console, then create new sessions,
> one for each different ssh connection. Start all of the sessions (they
> are in the sessions menu), then use Settings -> Save Sessions Profile.
> To start this session profile, use "konsole --profile your_profile".
> If you don't want to click around to add 60 sessions, look in
> ~/.kde/share/apps/konsole/profiles/ and edit your profile there. If you
> already have some sessions there it is easy to add the remaining ones,
> just dont't forget to increase numSes as well. You could even write a
> script to read your hostnames from a file.
> Regards...
>                 Michael

Well this is getting very close to what I need. Almost but not quite . . .

I discovered that in Settings -> Configure Konsole I can replace "Execute: 
bash" with "Execute: ssh someserver".

Then when I choose "New someserver" from the Session menu, it pops open 
another tab with the correct name and logs in via ssh. That part is perfect.

So if I could set up a bunch of those and then save them in a profile, it 
would be great - but after I save the profile, when I  start it up again, all 
the tabs are opened, and are even named correctly, but instead of running ssh 
I'm just sent to a bash shell. So it seems like the profiles do not actually 
make use of the sessions directly?

Inside the profile I see (amongst other things):




I'm assuming I might be able to change one of those to match what I need but 
I'm not sure what they do (officially).

A google search turns up this page:
which makes it look like I can modify the Args line, but then they are saying 
that the ssh might be causing the bug.

I'm having a hard time finding documentation that says what Args and Pgm are 
really for - can anyone help me with that?


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