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António Rodrigues Tomé artome at
Mon Aug 4 21:36:24 BST 2008

On Monday 04 August 2008 17:54:35 Kishore wrote:
> On Monday 04 Aug 2008 9:59:56 pm António Rodrigues Tomé wrote:
> > I'm using kde4.1 and most of the mimetypes have the icon "unknown"
> > associated. How it is possible to change the icon when one edit or add a
> > file
> > asssociation?
> Right click on the file in dolphin and select properties from the menu. In
> the General page, to the far right of the line that says "Type" should be a
> spanner icon button. Click on it to reach the file association dialog for
> that file type. Now select the application that is listed on top and select
> "Edit". Here you should be presented with a dialog that allows you to click
> on the icon to change it.
thanks for the answer but that only changes the icon associated with the 
application and not the icon associated with the file type.

So a lot of files types have the unknown icon type in dolfin.   Unfortunately 
there seems not to be an icon comand in the xml file associated with the file 
type.  For exemple x-fortran file type.

What I would like to know is were the icon information is saved because there 
is a lot of file types that have a icon associated with then for exemple x-
chdr, troff, x-csrc, x-csharp just to mention a few under the text banner.

> The above should also be possible from the file association settings.
> However, you should contact your distribution as this seems the result of
> broken packaging. Hope that helps.

I think that this is essentially oxygem missing a lot of icon but even if 
oxygen had all the icons associated with all the file default known types I 
would still like to know how I could define a new  file type and associate an 
icon to it.

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