Editing Kcontrol -> Colours

James Kerr jim at jkerr82508.free-online.co.uk
Mon Apr 28 12:15:26 BST 2008

On Monday 28 Apr 2008, Dotan Cohen wrote:
> In my previous KDE installation (KDE 3.5.8) I had configured the
> scrollbars to be a different colour than the window frames. This is an
> accessibility issue for me, as it is very difficult for me to find
> them otherwise. In KDE 3.5.9 on a new install of my OS, I cannot find
> where to set the different scrollbar colours. Where is it? It is not
> in the standard place of changing colours, styles, and icons in
> Kcontrol.
> Also, in what file is the colour information stored? I still have my
> old ~/.kde directory and I would have no problem restoring the colour
> by manually editing the files, if only I knew which file to edit.
> Thanks.

The file you want is ~/.kde/share/config/kdeglobals. In mine there as a 
section at the end labelled [WM] which has the custom colour settings. 

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