how to get focus for my app at login screen.

rabbit50 at rabbit50 at
Thu Apr 3 07:57:33 BST 2008

Hallo Group Members.

I am using kde 3.5.8 on my fc6.

just when I get KDE login screen (where user puts its login/password), I switch to text console, login as root, then:
# export DISPLAY=:.0.0
# kdialog --textbox "enter Your text: "

this appears on login screen, and that's what I expect.

But unfortunatelly I cannot get focus to enter some text. clicking on mouse buttons works ok, but I cannot "activate" a line where text is inserted, hence I cannot insert it.

have You got idea on how to do this.


ps. to run application at login screen, I created /etc/X0.hosts, with following contents:
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