Kmail. Filtering on inbox after bogofilter has run

Nigel Henry cave.dnb at
Thu Sep 13 21:19:01 BST 2007

Hi folks. Perhaps I'm asking a bit much of Kmail here, but here goes.

I have Bogofilter set up on Kmail to filter out spam. I also have some filters 
for mailing lists that run before Bogofilter does it's stuff.

The problem:

Recently the Debian mailing list received a lot of sex spam that ended up in 
my Debian-English mailbox. This mailing list filter is run before Bogofilter 
ran, and all this unwanted spam ended up in the Debian-English mailbox.

When I setup Bogofilter to work with Kmail, it said that if you want to filter 
mail from specific mailing lists, these filters need to run before Bogofilter 
does. That works ok, but I ended up with all this spam in my Debian-English 

What I'm looking for is setting filters for mailing lists that have little or 
no spam first, then running Bogofilter on the remaining stuff. I now have 
mail from all the remaining mailing lists classified as Ham in the inbox, and 
the spam is in the trash.

Is there a way to set filters after Bogofilter has run, so as to filter the 
ham from specific mailing lists that are in the inbox to individual mailboxes 
for those mailing lists?

At the moment it appears that once Bogofilter has done it's stuff, I can do no 
further filtering. Ideally I'd like to run Bogofilter on the downloaded mail, 
then set filters to filter the inbox, and send the mail from various mailing 
lists in the inbox to individual mailboxes.

Perhaps I'm asking a bit much, but worth a try.

Any suggestions as always welcome.

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