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Troy Unrau troy.unrau at gmail.com
Tue Sep 4 23:08:14 BST 2007

I'm forwarding this message to the kde mailing lists to see if anyone
there knows. Please also make sure that you're following the KDE
Techbase instructions on building KDE 4 pretty closely.

Good luck.

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From: Marco Mangiante <marco.mangiante at gmail.com>
Date: 04-Sep-2007 12:59
Subject: Help with configure kde 4 beta 2
To: troy at kde.org


I read your post on your trial of kde 4 beta 2 and see that you are a
seasoned user. I'm novice to compile the kde 4 and I'd like to do it
myself. Previously I downloaded the packages for the beta 1 and post
some bugs: now I want to buil myself, if possible.

I followed the instructions on techbase, but encountered a problem. I
posted on various sites but haven't received help. I ask for your
help. I cut and paste my post regarding the problem, maybe you can
help me to resolve it.
I see some suggestions on the web, but many are related to package to
install, but I applied all the istructions that are present in the
article on techbase.
I have a kubuntu 7.4 and choose to create a separate user, kde-develop.

Thanks for you time. This is the post:

# Start

following the tutorial at
http://techbase.kde.org/Getting_Started/...quired_Software  I find a
problem to configure the qt4. I start the configure command like
written in the tutorial bu received the error:

You don't seem to have 'make' or 'gmake' in your PATH.
Cannot proceed.

So I do the command 'which make' and it found at /usr/bin/make, so the
make command is there. Also I see that in the path there is also

In your opinion, what is the problem. I also tried to change the part
in the configure script where is the 'if' that control the variable
$MAKE, but with poor result: I comment out all the line related to
that 'if' and left also the line MAKE='/usr/bin/make' (note that the
original line have only 'MAKE').
First I received the message that the script want a 'fi' at the final
of the script, after this I received another error, regarding the
directory mkspecs.

Is possible to set directly in the script the path of the 'make'. Can
someone help me.

Hope of your help, or please cc this to someone that can help me.
Please remember that I am a semi novice to do this (I compiled so long
time ago the packages for kde 3, but only for fun), so please be


Marco Mangiante

Troy Unrau
Geophysics Student - University of Manitoba
KDE Gearhead
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