RFC: Use ~/.etc/kde4... symlinks are evil

Dexter Filmore Dexter.Filmore at gmx.de
Fri Oct 5 11:49:04 BST 2007

> I think that your idea can be simply implemented by putting kde4 files into
> ~/.etc/kde4, and add a symbolic link to ~/.kde4 for KDE4 compatibility.
> This way we even do not have to change $KDEHOME environment variable.  What
> do you think about this?

Not good, at least not with kde3. I use to symlink the version, 
like .kde-3.5.6 --> .kde/ so I could do backups by version before upgrading.
when I ditched the idea someday because.. I reinstalled or so I didn't create 
the symlink and nothing worked. grepping thru the dir quickly produced that 
the symlink name was put it everywhere where ".kde/" should have been.
Cleaning this mess up took me a full day.

apart from that I love the idea of having ~/.etc in general. This seriously 
should be a standard, it's way better than tons of ~/.<appname> dirs.


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