French as an option doesn't show in KDM

Nigel Henry cave.dnb at
Fri May 18 18:49:54 BST 2007

I installed Kubuntu, and english was selected. I've since added the french 
language packages, and expected that french would be added to kdm, as a 
language option when logging in.

In KDE's control centre, regions & accessability -> country & language, I 
added the french language, which is top of the list, and when I log in I get 
french. I can change the language here by moving english to the top, but have 
to logout, and back in to get english in KDE.

What I want is to have a menu item in kdm, so that I can choose the language 
when logging in to KDE. I'm presuming that some editing of kdmrc is needed, 
but can only see three lines there, and all are commented out.

# Language and locale to use in the greeter, encoded like $LC_LANG.
# Default is "en_US"

Saying that though, this just seems to be dealing with the language displayed 
on the greeter, rather than which language you want to use when logged into 

Suggestions for getting a language menu on kdm welcome.

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