Stopping an application from being started at KDE-login

Ryo Furue furue at
Fri May 11 02:42:02 BST 2007


| BUT: I do not start xmms via xmms, but via
| > kstart --windowclass "xmms" --window "XMMS*" --desktop 16 konsole
|   -T "XMMS_foobar" -e CheckHardware --sound xmms -t
| So I get XMMS directly on desktop 16, and have konsole where output of
| xmms is visible. Quite useful sometimes.
[. . .]
| How to solve this? What do I need to put into that field to exclude
| just that one konsole from starting?

I may not fully understand your needs, but it seems to me that what
you want is to place a script in your ~/.kde/Autostart/ directory.
In the script you invoke the kstart command so that the script
might look like

  kstart --windowclass "xmms" --window "XMMS*" --desktop 16 \
   konsole -T "XMMS_foobar" -e CheckHardware --sound xmms -t

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