Stopping an application from being started at KDE-login

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Thu May 10 13:21:01 BST 2007

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Hello everybody,

I have a problem with XMMS. I want it not to be started when I log
into KDE.

- From what I found and asked for on the opensuse-kde-mailinglist I know
I could achieve this by always starting the same saved session. I do
not want this for other reasons.

But I got a field in my KDE control center, it is in
KDE-components=>Sessions manager (or similar, I use a german kde, it
is SITZUNGSV ERWALTUNG there). This field says

Programs excluded from sessions

and looks like I could write xmms into it. The field corresponds with
excludeApps= in .kde/share/config/ksmserverrc.

BUT: I do not start xmms via xmms, but via

> kstart --windowclass "xmms" --window "XMMS*" --desktop 16 konsole -T "XMMS_foobar" -e CheckHardware --sound xmms -t

So I get XMMS directly on desktop 16, and have konsole where output of
xmms is visible. Quite useful sometimes.

The problem is that not xmms is restarted each session but the konsole
which then starts xmms. I could exclude "konsole", but then all other
konsole windows would not show up.

How to solve this? What do I need to put into that field to exclude
just that one konsole from starting?

Thanks very much.

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