Problem with Kubuntu

Miquel ktalanet at
Wed May 9 08:38:15 BST 2007

Hi there

I have a weird problem with my Kubuntu. I had Dapper Drake installed and I :

     - Copied all $HOME folder content to another workstation.
     - Installed Feisty Fawn removing Dapper Drake.
     - Restored the content of the new $HOME with the content of the old 

Just that and I connect to internet with kppp, surf by the internet with 
Mozilla Firefox, ping everywhere and other things but I can't do 
anything with konqueror, kmail or kopete (kopete doesn't connect with 
messenger server, kmail tells me that there are no new mals and 
konqueror can't found pages so it seems to be a problem of KDE's apps).

Does anybody know what can be happening?

Thanks in advance

Best regards


P.S. I don't have the pc in front of me so if you ask for something I 
post it as soon as possible.
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