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Nessus Registration noreply at
Tue May 1 16:16:17 BST 2007

Thank you for downloading Nessus ! 

The direct link to the Nessus 3 packages is :


(the link above will be valid for 12 hours)

Your activation code for the Nessus plugin feed is 8833-6487-81C9-A9B5-0F0D

On Linux, to activate your account, simply execute the following command :

/opt/nessus/bin/nessus-fetch --register 8833-6487-81C9-A9B5-0F0D

If your Nessus installation can not reach the internet directly,
you can use your activation code at the following URL : (Nessus 3.x) (Nessus 2.x)

If you are using Nessus 3, note that it will update its plugins by itself
every 24 hours after you have registered it. If you do not want such an
update to occur, simply edit nessusd.conf and set 'auto_update' to 'no'.

Note that you can only use your activation code once.

If for some reason you uninstall your Nessus installation entirely
and decide to re-install it later on, you will need to register a second

If you have any question, feel free to request help on the Nessus
mailing lists.

Tenable Product Information

Tenable offers a variety of products that compliment Nessus and make it 
easier to use on larger enterprise networks. For more information, 
please visit Products include:

  [Nessus Direct Feed]
  Latest vulnerability checks, support and configuration auditing for 
  Nessus 3. 

  [Passive Vulnerability Scanner]
  Watches network traffic 24x7 for new hosts, new applications and new 
  vulnerabilities. Also performs full content inspection to look for 
  sensitive data. 

  [Security Center]
  Manages multiple Nessus scanners, Passive Vulnerability Scanners 
  and IDS events. Includes scheduled scanning, reporting, role based 
  access and 3D visualization of security data. 

  [Log Correlation Engine] 
  Aggregates logs from netflow, firewalls, various OSes and much more. 
  Correlates data to look for anomalies, compliance violations and 
  network attacks. 

Tenable Product and Security Information Webinars

Tenable Network Security offers a variety of live and recorded webinars 
on several topics including Nessus usage, vulnerability trends and 
network security event monitoring. The current list of available 
webinars includes:

  [Nessus Compliance Checks]

  [Tenable Product Demo]

  [Network and Behavioral Anomaly Detection]

  [Correlating IDS events with Vulnerabilities]
  [The Future of Vulnerability Management]

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