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On Tuesday 08 May 2007 02:47:46 Mihamina (R12y) Rakotomandimby wrote:
> Hi,
> All (no, let's say most) desktop effects screenshots I see are running
> GNOME. I am interested on running the cube and the "elastic windows" but
> full Qt/KDE (no Gtk-ish things somewhere).
> May be on KDE 4? KDE is not interested on the cube?...
> Thank you for any answer :-)

In feisty fawn (Ku|Xu|U|Edu)buntu, you can Beryl-ize your KDE by installing 
the package 'beryl-kubuntu'.  After the install is complete, you should find 
a entry for 'Beryl Manager' under 'System' in your kmenu.  Starting that up 
will allow you to toggle between aquamarine and kwin

In Gentoo you'll probably want to add in the xeffects overlay and start 
pulling a few packages from that, though I can't recall exactly which ones 
(and what USE flags) you'll need.

The Debian boxen I run only pull from the 'main' archive, and beryl isn't 
available there, for whatever reason.  It's probably hanging out 
in 'contrib', under a name similar to the *buntu package.

Other distros are foreign to me, but Beryl (and/or Compiz) and KDE aren't 
foreign to each other.

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