Kscd stops playing

Ryo Furue furue at hawaii.edu
Fri Mar 16 08:56:51 GMT 2007


| Have you tried to determine that the problem is in kscd and not in
| the drive itself? Faulty optics or head drive could cause playback
| issues like these (especially when the problem is bound to specific
| time of disc playback, which means specific position of the
| head). Try playing the CD with kaffeine, for example.

Oh, yes.  I also use xmcd, which has never stopped playing any CD.
Even right after the CD is freshly inserted, or after an eject-insert

I've been with this problem since I switched to KDE
(a year or two ago).  Insert a CD; Kscd automatically pops up,
plays the CD, and stops after several minutes; Kill Kscd, invoke
xmcd, and be happy.  That has been my life, ever :-)

By the way, please don't say I should stick to xmcd, then.
kscd is well integrated in KDE, while xmcd looks alien on
my screen.

Thanks for the response, anyway,

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