fstab and mtab

Erik Ohls eohls at welho.com
Tue Mar 6 18:00:23 GMT 2007

tisdagen den 06 mars 2007 17:03:42 skrev michael tucker:
> so since i said it couldnt find my cdrom i put in
> /dev/hdc        /media    proc   default  13
I think the line in fstab should look more like:
/dev/hdc	 /cdrom	 auto	 user,exec,ro,noauto	 0	 0

I don't use Knoppix so I'm not quite certain. By default most distros mount a 
single cd-rom in /mnt/cdrom; some mount them in /media/cdrom; and I have a 
vague memory of Knoppix using plain /cdrom. You can, however, mount the cdrom 
anywhere you want so long as the mountpoint exists. The first thing you 
should do is consequently to check out that it does -- and if it doesn't, you 
have to create it. (Just make a new directory that you want to use as a 

Then let's look at the line above:
/dev/hdc is the device you are trying to mount (and I can only hope that 
you've got it right). You could probably use /dev/cdrom instead. That should 
be a link to the right device -- if your system has created it.

/cdrom is the mountpoint. You can use something else (e.g. /mnt/cdrom) if you 
prefer, but the mountpoint must exist.

auto means that the system should automatically find out the filesystem of 
your cd. If auto doesn't work we'll have to specify the filesystem, but try 
auto first.

user,exec,ro,noatuto: user means that you shouldn't have to be root to mount 
your cdrom; exec means that you should be able to run programs on it; ro 
stands for read-only (you can't normally write to a cdrom); and noauto means 
that the device should not be automatically mounted when you boot your 

You can ignore the first one of the two zeros. The second one means that fsck 
needn't ever check the cdrom. (It would be meaningless as fsck couldn't fix 
any errors anyway.)  

> then it said warning  there isnt a newline "or soemthing" on fstab
> and couldnt link to mtab~

Well, every mountpoint should get a line of its own in fstab. Seeing the exact 
error message might help. (Perhaps your "proc" has confused the system.)

> so i cut and paste mtab~ to Desktop and then it said warning there isnot a
> newline in fstab
> perhaps there is a stale lock file?

Stale lock files should be deleted, but start by changing your /ets/fstab.
> this happens even when im trying to boot knoppix 3 kings editon live cd
> if this doenst bring any information on what my problem is exactly i'll try
> to get some more info later

It would quite certainly help us helping you. But good luck.

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