Window-Specific Settings: Documentation?

Ryo Furue furue at
Sat Mar 3 09:18:41 GMT 2007


| This might not exactly be what you were asking for, but I use a
| slightly different method to create window specific rules. I don't
| create them from the Control Center. Instead, I press Alt+F3 or
| right-click on the window titlebar of the window that I want to
| affect. Then I select Advanced -> Special Window Settings. It will
| popup a dialog box that looks similar to the one you will find in
| the Control Center, except it already filled it the necessary
| details in the Window tab of that dialog box.

Thanks.  That's definitely more convenient.  Unfortunately, it didn't
work, either.  For example, even "Skip Taskbar" was enabled, the
window still remains in the taskbar.  This might be a bug.

| These are the only documentation I could find in

That was helpful.  The windows-how-to-work.html page tells you
that instead of Window-specific configurations,  you can do this:

   kstart --type Dock  yourapplication

to remove window decorations.  Unfortunately, the application
still appears in the task bar.

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