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Sat Jul 28 00:40:21 BST 2007

On Friday 27 July 2007 22:26, Boyd Stephen Smith Jr. wrote:
> On Friday 27 July 2007, cr <cr at> wrote about '[kde]
> Kmail - 'read' messages won't stay 'read'':
> > Hi, hope this is the right list to ask
> You might also try kde-linux and/or kde-pim next door.  They are more
> focused groups, but I might this list may be able to provide some help.
> > I've been using Kmail for some years (under Debian/Gnome :)
> > I've just installed Deb 4.0r0 on a AMD64 and Kmail's developed a weird
> > bug - it keeps marking (some) read messages as 'unread'.  That is, I
> > read 'em (or select 'mark as read') and it does the right thing, changes
> > them from blue to black - BUT if I swap to another folder, then back to
> > inbox, those messages instantly change to blue 'unread' again.
> Using dIMAP, IMAP, POP, or local?

Using POP.   It's exactly the same setup I've been using for several years 
(that is, it's a new install but I have all the settings, permissions etc  
for KPPP and Kmail noted down on a sheet of paper so when I do a new install 
I just use that).   

I also copied across my old folders (I copied my old Inbox as 'Inboxa' then 
used Kmail to shift all the messages from Inboxa to Inbox).   Now those old 
messages seem to be behaving themselves - but not the new ones, so far as I 
can tell.   
All messages in /home/<me>/.kde/share/apps/kmail/mail/inbox/cur look the 
same - they all have <me> as owner and permissions of -rw-r--r--.   Though 
some of their names terminate in :2,S or :2,RS  and some don't.    
(Hmm, I just used Kmail to 'mark all messages as read' and looked again, the 
suffixes haven't changed, so that can't be how Kmail remembers them, it must 
be something in the index file I guess).

> I've seen this happen sometimes on dIMAP if I mark messages as read while I
> a downloading new mail.  The flags from the server end up overwriting
> local changes before the local chages are sent to the server.
> It could also happen in IMAP if you end up refreshing the folder before all
> commands have been sent to the server.  Kmail will read flags from the
> server again, and see the messages as still unread.  Waiting a few moments
> and refreshing the folder again should end up showing the messages as
> read.

It can't be that since it happens instantly whether I'm on or offline.    But 
many thanks for the suggestions.

My temporary workaround (since I usually read my mail offline) is to mark ALL 
messages as 'read' immediately before I download a new batch of messages 
then - before leaving the Inbox folder! - copy any significant new messages 
to a 'answerthis' folder, then I know that everything in my inbox has been 
processed so I can safely mark them all as 'read' next time.   
Or I can use Balsa.  But I prefer the look and feel of Kmail.

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