Keyboard focus on window close

Roy Mac roymac.2 at
Sun Jul 22 14:09:35 BST 2007

KDE does not seem keep track of window calling order.  That is, when a
window closes, keyboard focus should go back to the window that last had
keyboard focus.  Examples, 
1. While in Nedit and enter ctrl-f to bring up a search dialog, enter search
text, and press enter <cr>.  I expect keyboard focus to go back to the Nedit
window which it does not always do.  This requires one to go find the mouse,
move back to the Nedit window and click.  All of this is wasted motion and
2. Another application launches plot windows from the command line.  The
plot window correctly receives keyboard focus.  Pressing enter <cr> causes
the plot window to close as designed.  However, like above, the keyboard
focus does not return to terminal window to receive another command - say a
modification of the previous plot command.  Again, this requires one to go
find the mouse, move back - hands off keyboard.
After having been a CDE user for many years, I find the above behavior a
unacceptable - a bug.
Any information on how to find information to resolve this problem would be
greatly appreciated.  Other than that, I like KDE and really do not want to
switch again.  However, recommendations for other window managers would be
welcomed as well.
Thanks in advance, roym
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