How can I take screen shots of individual windows

Michael Mauch michael.mauch at
Wed Jul 11 20:35:50 BST 2007

Nigel Henry wrote:

> Sometimes I'd like to take a screenshot of an individual window. For example I 
> open the Konsole, and open Alsamixer in it.
> Is it possible to just take a shot of Alsamixer that's open in the Konsole, 
> rather than having to take a screenshot of the whole desktop?

Yes - the default shortcut apparently is Alt+Print. If that shortcut
doesn't work for you, look in the shortcuts section of kcontrol (it's in
the Global Shortcuts tab).

The screenshot is put into the clipboard, so it might feel like nothing
happens although you pressed the right shortcut. Just paste the
clipboard contents to the desktop or in a konqueror window.


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