Getting HiRISE to work; JavaWS app

James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at
Fri Jul 13 02:48:01 BST 2007

Kevin Krammer wrote:
> On Thursday 12 July 2007, James Richard Tyrer wrote:
>> and copy the file to:
>> 	$KDEDIR/share/applnk/.hidden/javaws.desktop
> Application start menu files should not be copied into "applnk" locations, 
> since this is a legacy KDE location and will probably be dropped in the 
> future.

Yes, copying the file to that location is deprecated.  However, if 
KAppFinder succeeds in finding "javaws", the file will be copied to:


Which is also where you can copy it if you want it visible on the Menu. 
  In which case, you will probably want to add an icon to the file:


If you want to do this the new way and copy the file to the new style 


{There is no: XDG_DATA_DIR so choose one in the path in: XDG_DATA_DIRS 
or use "kde-config as KK suggested}

You are going to need to modify the file by adding Categories and/or 

> Correct locations for any desktop environment following the menu and 
> desktop-entry specs is one these paths:
> % kde-config --path xdgdata-app

No doubt about that, but some KDE3 apps, including KAppFinder, are still 
doing it the old (wrong -- deprecated) way.

So, although this probably won't work with KDE-4, it is the easiest way 
to get this working in KDE-3.5.  But, it is a good idea to point out 
that it is a bit of a kludge.

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