Configuring window title bars

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On Wednesday 11 July 2007 05:06:04 Larry Colen wrote:
> My system is Fedora Core 6, running the KDE desktop.
> I've got my desktop fairly close to the way I like it. I'm using the
> style "Plastik" with "BII" window decorations.
> I like the abbreviated title bar at the top of the window. The one
> thing that I'd like to change is that the title bar fades in
> background color from the top, to the bottom. I don't want it to fade,
> I want it a solid color, but I can't figure out how to do so.
> The weird thing is that I think that the title bar is solid on my work
> computer, though when I ssh -X in and call up a window, I see the
> fade. That is likely because of the window being on my home desktop
> machine.
> Is there a dotfile I need to wrangle, because I can't find the value
> in control center.


You can set the primary and secondary colors for a gradient fade of the title 
bar here: Control Center -> Appearance & Themes -> Colors. To set a solid 
color, just set the same color for both "Active Title Bar" and "Active Title 
Blend". If this still produces a gradient fade, that would mean that the 
window decoration you are using does not honour the color settings and uses 
hard-coded ones, or has a configuration option for itself (seen in Appearance 
& Themes -> Window Decorations). As far as I can see, the B II should work 
just fine after you change the colors.

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