Configuring window title bars

Larry Colen lrc at
Wed Jul 11 03:06:04 BST 2007

My system is Fedora Core 6, running the KDE desktop.

I've got my desktop fairly close to the way I like it. I'm using the
style "Plastik" with "BII" window decorations. 

I like the abbreviated title bar at the top of the window. The one
thing that I'd like to change is that the title bar fades in
background color from the top, to the bottom. I don't want it to fade,
I want it a solid color, but I can't figure out how to do so.

The weird thing is that I think that the title bar is solid on my work
computer, though when I ssh -X in and call up a window, I see the
fade. That is likely because of the window being on my home desktop

Is there a dotfile I need to wrangle, because I can't find the value
in control center.

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