Network sound problem

Basil Fowler b.j.fowler at
Tue Jul 10 17:19:29 BST 2007

Hullo everyone,

I have a perplexing problem regarding sound over a network.

I have two computers, a master and a slave. I use this terminology to avoid 
excessive use of server and client.

The master computer runs Kubuntu 6.10.  The slave computer is used as a thin 
client and runs Red Hat 6.1.  The reason for the choice of Red Hat 6.1 is 
that the hardware is so old that recent versions of the X server do not run 
on it, but X version 3.3.6 works perfectly. 

The slave computer uses the Enlightenment Sound Daemon as the sound server.  
ESD is configured to listen on port 5001 and is network enabled.

The boot sequence of the slave starts ESD and then X -query <master address>. 
The login screen (KDM) of the master appears in due course.  I can then then 
log into the master from the slave in the usual fashion, and programs on the 
master can be started and displayed. So far so good.
During the login process, the file ${HOME}/.bash_profile reads 
${HOME}/.bashrc. The latter has statements that detect if the login is 
remote, and if so, sets the environment variable 

Although network sound is enabled on the master, no startup sound is heard. No 
KDE application transfers sound to the slave sound server.

However, if I open Konsole and enter the command "esdplay <some-au-file>", 
sound comes out of the speakers attached to the slave computer. I take this 
to mean that ESD on the slave computer is properly istening and is responding 
correctly to signals sent across the network.

A far as I can tell, the sound settings in System Settings are correct; 
sound-over-network is enabled and the daemon is set to ESD. When I press 
the "Test Sound" button no sound is heard from either the master or slave's 

Any ideas?


Basil Fowler
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