Kscd stops playing

Ryo Furue furue at hawaii.edu
Wed Jan 31 23:51:09 GMT 2007


| > I have the problem that sometimes (often) Kscd just stops playing
| > a CD. There is no message on syslog neither on stdout. It happens
| > with arbitrary CDs at arbitrary positions of the track.
| > Anyone got an idea?
| As I understand it Kscd is a traditional cd player application that
| just controls the CD drive as if it were an ordinary audio cd player.
| The audio is fed directly to the sound card or out though the
| drive's headphone socket, Kscd just tells it to play. If it has  a
| problem reading the disk it will stop like any normal CD player.

What about xmcd ?  This old CD player has never failed, whereas kscd
always does.  Is this because xmcd reads the data, bypassesing the
drive's electronics?  (I don't know how to get such information about

| You may find the more modern players  like xmms or amorok, which
| can bypass the drive's audio electronics and read the data off the
| disk, a bit more robust.

I'll check out xmms.  amorok crashes during its setup wizard. (I'm not
complaining to you by any means.)

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