extra blank kicker?

Boyan Tabakov blade.alslayer at gmail.com
Sat Jan 27 12:55:40 GMT 2007

On 27.1.2007 14:48:19 Daiajo Tibdixious wrote:
> My young daughter can only reach the lowest 2 rows of the keyboard,
> but has an amazing ability to completely re-arrange a desktop, move
> things around, start things, etc.
> While I can normally fix everything up, one thing has survived kde
> restarts, reboots, and kde upgrades:
> I have an extra gray window that behaves somewhat like a kicker (it
> can be moved to different edges of the screen, windows won't start
> overlapping it, but can be moved underneath it) but there are no icons
> on it, and it otherwise is completely inactive.
> I really want to get rid of this window, as it takes up a significant
> chunk of screen real estate.
> Its been difficult to search for a solution, as I don't know how to
> specify the problem properly.


Your daughter has managed to add a new panel to kicker. To remove it, 
right-click on your main panel (Unlock it if it is locked) and select Remove 
Panel -> <Name Of Panel>. The name of the panel might be different, depending 
on what she selected, but if you normally use only one kicker panel, there 
should be a single name there - the panel you want removed.

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