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Sun Jan 21 18:30:32 GMT 2007

I'd like to know what the solution to this bug was? I seem to be bitten by 
the same with Amarok 1.4.4 and KDE 3.5.5 on Kubuntu Edgy AMD64.

The difference i notice with other apps like KMail opening a URL and Amarok 
is that with Amarok I get the temporary progress window (KJob?) 
titled "Copying" and shows me the http URL as source and the /var as 
destination. With KMail i get the progress window titled "Loading progress" 
and it all works fine.

Further, in Amarok when asked to use the KDE default, konqueror complains 
that the file does not exist after the copy process. This seems to be 
related to I have to select 
konqueror explicitly for it show me the page even from /var/tmp.
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