K9copy Problems

Graham gct3 at blueyonder.co.uk
Wed Jan 17 23:40:59 GMT 2007

On Thu, 11 Jan 2007 23:19:29 +0200
Boyan Tabakov <blade.alslayer at gmail.com> wrote:

Sorry for being away but here are the answers from the latest run of

> What exactly is the error report? There may be some valuable
> information...

An error occured while running DVDAuthor:
ERR: procremap encountered unknown subtitle command: 51

> > Has anybody got any ideas as to what I am doing wrong?
> K9copy requires vamps library to do the compression of the video
> stream. Make sure you have that and configured.

well, I don't know about configured but I have installed vamps and
there doesn't appear to be anything wrong with my settings in K9copy
according to the K9copy Handbook.

Since looking at this problem with another's eyes (my stepdaughters's),
it seems that K9copy may not be able to copy encrypted DVD-9 dvds to
DVD-5.  It is precisely those commercial dvds that I wish to copy.
Moreover the authors of K9copy may face prosecution if they mention any
of the means of copying encrypted DVD-9 dvds. I have libdvdcss2
installed, but this allows the playing of DVD-9 dvds, not their copying.

Could this really be the case when there are many DVD copying
applications which run under Win XP?  And could it be the cause of my
error reports?

I can convert the dvds using dvd::rip and acidrip, but all they do is
convert the file system on the dvd to a file system that can be played
back on a computer.  Is there any way that I can copy the dvd in a
form that it can be played back on a dvd player attached to my



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