K9copy Problems

Graham gct3 at blueyonder.co.uk
Wed Jan 10 23:58:59 GMT 2007

I've just joined this list, so if I am asking for solutions that should
be asked elsewhere please forgive me :)

I want to copy some of my DVDs as backup.  I started to use K9copy
because it is stated on the website that the video strem is compresed
to make it fit on a 4.5Gb recordable DVD.

If the original file(s) are less than 4.5Gb, copying with K9copy goes
well, but I could just as easily use K3b to copy the DVD.  However,
when the original files are (say) 8GB, K9copy refuses to copy them and
halts with an error report.

Changing the size of the DVD settings to 8000mb in Settings->DVD
doesn't work.

Has anybody got any ideas as to what I am doing wrong?

Using Kubuntu Edgy here BTW


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