How to create missing icons for toolbar items in Kmail

Kevin Krammer kevin.krammer at
Sat Feb 24 20:56:48 GMT 2007

On Saturday 24 February 2007 21:48, Nigel Henry wrote:

> Thanks Kevin for the suggestions for moving mail, and bookmarks from one
> distro to another. This has worked fine, but (horrible word that) I'm still
> no further in getting the "change icon" button for the toolbar in Kmail on
> FC2.

As I said (I think) you could try this in your more recent Fc5 box and check 
what kind of change this applied to kmailrc (KMail's config file) and then 
try to replicate the same change on your old KMail's config.

The feature might already be in there, just not accessible through GUI.

> I have an instance of FC2 that I'm willing to sacrifice for the sake of
> just seeing if it works. So what are the chances of upgrading just kdepim
> on this FC2 install? Or would I need to also upgrade all the other KDE
> stuff? Perhaps it's just not possible, in which case I'm willing to live
> with it. I know where the icons are supposed to be on Kmail's toolbar, and
> the fact that they are not clearly identified is not a problem.

Upgrading one part of KDE will at least require to also upgrade kdelibs, if 
there is anything else depends on how the distributions package depencies are 

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