taskbar and other questions

Erik Ohls eohls at welho.com
Thu Feb 22 16:17:38 GMT 2007

Den Thursday 22 February 2007 17:22:28 skrev michael tucker:
> when you move your mouse to the system tray  you can get a i guess you
> would call it a tab??  where you can move the ssytem tray anywhere on the
> klicker    somehow on my own user  not on root those tabs are missing-- i
> go into applet config  and the menu editor and few other areas-- but i cant
> find a way to get them back------

You probably mean the applet handles. They are probably there even if you 
can't see them. Actually you can choose if you want to have them remain 
visible all the time, remain hidden all the time, or auto-hide (in which case 
they become visible when you drag your cursor over them).

To make them visible again you shouldn't configure the applets but the panel. 
Right-click the panel and choose customize or configure or settings (my 
installation of KDE speaks Swedish and how to translate certain terms back 
into English isn't always self-evident -- the alternative you should pick is 
anyway the last one before "Help"). Then, in the customize (or settings) 
window click on the fourth icon from the top (look or view or visual settings 
or whatever). Then click on the "Advanced alternatives" button. And you are 
redy to configure the handles.

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