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Daniel Bauer linux at daniel-bauer.com
Thu Feb 22 16:04:09 GMT 2007

On Donnerstag, 22. Februar 2007, michael tucker wrote:
> im currently running suse 10.1 kde 3.5
> i think theres better version of suse or kde out there ---
> question i have is this
> on root in the klicker you have your list of menus-- usually they go in
> order by kmenu home terminal and khelpcenter  then theres the klicker then
> theres the system tray with sound klipboard and few others
> when you move your mouse to the system tray  you can get a i guess you
> would call it a tab??  where you can move the ssytem tray anywhere on the
> klicker    somehow on my own user  not on root those tabs are missing-- i
> go into applet config  and the menu editor and few other areas-- but i cant
> find a way to get them back------ im thinking about removing my user  and
> making a new one-- but i have soo many document and files and games  wont
> it delete those if i delete the user????

I don't know if I really understood what you are missing... Do you mean those 
small separators between, for example, the clock and the system tray? If it's 
this: right click in a free part of your task bar and choose "configure 
panel". In the Window that opens select "appearance". Then click "advanced 
options". You can select there to have the applet handles "visible" (=always 
displayed) or "fade out" (=only visible when hovering with the mouse).
> another questions  about the cursor   is it possible at all where i can
> make my own cursor instead of having the same old grey one?????

Go to http://www.kde-look.org/
you'll find what ever you're looking for... :-)

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