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Bob Stia rnr at
Mon Feb 12 03:06:25 GMT 2007

On Sunday 11 February 2007 09:08, Boyan Tabakov wrote:
> On 11.2.2007 09:59:59 Bob Stia wrote:
> > No output as user or root.
> >
> > Not making much headway here. Any other ideas/suggestions?
> OK. Give some details then - is your mail originally delivered to some
> other server and then you access it from your local box, or is it
> directly delivered to your box?
No the mail should be delivered directly to the Kmail inbox from the ISP.
No other servers. The other two email addressses behave correctly.

> If you do receive the mail in 
> /var/spool/mail, then you must have made some configuration that could
> have allowed this!

As stated previously, this was the result of a brand new install of 10.2. 
I don't know what the default is but I did not purposely set it up to 
use anything but Kmail

> It can't happen on its own. So, what exactly is 
> your setup?

The desired setup is; no intervention by any MTA. Kmail interacts 
directly with the ISP. 

> The mailer that is used in SuSE is postfix - the 
> configuration is in /etc/postfix. Maybe your remote mail server (if
> there is one) connects to your local postfix server and that is how
> your mail ends up in /var/spool/mail.

No, no remote mail server unless you are referring to my ISP. Even if 
that were so, the other two email addresses on the same ISP work as 

> Then a configuration on the 
> server might be changed.

What server, No server locally or anywhere else else. Only the ISP

> What exactly is this mail account?

Ok, there are three mail accounts:
    rnr at     (the problem one)
    hiddenlake at     (works as desired)
    usr at       (works as desired)
The ISP is

> If you  
> must use postfix as the delivery agent, you can still configure it to
> deliver the mail to a specific folder (say KMail's local folder in
> ~/.kde/share/apps/kmail/mail)

Why would I have to use postfix?  Is that a default in 10.2 now??

> (the param name is home_mailbox in the 
> config file).

I will check that file.

Bob S.
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