Problems running gtv

Tim Johnson tim at
Fri Feb 9 11:34:21 GMT 2007

using KDE 3.2.3 on slackware 10.0

I recently migrated from an RH 9.0 partition on the same machine.
(kernel 2.4.26)

I found that gtv was not installed from the slackware distro, so copied
the gtv binary and from the RH distro,
put gtv at /usr/bin and symlined the .so file as /usr/lib/

When I attempt to launch gtv from konqueror, associating it with an mpg file,
it appears for a second and aborts.
If I launch gtv from the command line, it will play a mpg video, but aborts
when trying to play a mp3 audio file. The system message on the abort is
as follows:
Fatal signal: Segmentation Fault (SDL Parachute Deployed)
warning: leaving MCOP Dispatcher and still 146 types alive

I really like gtv and would like to make it work on this system. 
I'm sure that a "fresh" installation would be better, but I can't locate
where to download it.

Any ideas or solutions?

Tim Johnson <tim at>
Palmer, Alaska, USA
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