Konstruct & Kmail w/ S/MIME support question

Ryan Daly daly at ctcnet.net
Sat Dec 8 16:17:02 GMT 2007


I'm building KDE v3.5.8 using Konstruct and would like to know what I 
need to do in order for me to have S/MIME support in Kmail.  When I 
rescan for crypto backends, I get the following message:

GPGME was compiled without support for S/MIME.

I took a look through the source and found that it is compiling with 
"--enable-agent-only", which apparently is doing exactly what it says.

I'm building this on a system that doesn't provide gpg2, so I need to 
have KDE compile GPGME WITH support for S/MIME.  Can anyone explain to 
me how to go about doing this?  Is it as simple as modifying the 
Makefile to remove "--enable-agent-only", or is there a more clean way 
of doing this?

Thanks in advance!
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