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André Somers andre at
Fri Aug 31 12:15:06 BST 2007

Hi everybody,

I find myself once in awhile needing a regexp editor. KDE has KRegExpEditor, 
but I have never felt quite a home in it. I don't think it's representation 
is particulary clear, nor do I find it quite intuitive how to operate it. 
Quite some time ago, I made my own regexp builder. This one represents the 
expression as a tree (one line per part of the expression) and does so using 
natural language as much as possible.

This looks something like this, though of course it can create much, much 
more complex expressions:

-- An expression, starting at the beginning of a line,
|+ followed by at least at least one time the following sequence:
| |  - a digit character
| - and ending with the end of a line.

(forgive my ASCII-art skills, please)

I was wondering if other people also feel ill at ease with the current 
RegExpEditor in KDE, and if there would be interest in a new editor. Also, I 
was wondering if the current editor is actively maintained, and by whom if 
it is. I am contemplating porting my editor to Qt 4 and releasing it, but I 
would like to know if there is even the slightest amount of interest in such 
an undertaking... I think a generally usefull version of my editor would 
take quite a bit of effort, as it is not even complete in it's Qt 3 form. 
The main lack is that it is currently only an expression builder; it can not 
parse and display existing expressions yet.

I would appreciate all thoughts and comments on this.



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