Trying to build with kdesvn

Florian Lindner mailinglists at
Fri Aug 31 11:37:44 BST 2007

I try to use kdesvn-1.4.1 to download and build the KDE4 trunk. The build 
process suceeds most of the time but I never got a KDE thats somewhere near 
to usability. (I know it's still beta).
There are various errros about some *.so files not found, there is no task bar 
or K-Menu or other thing...

Is KDE4 trunk really not usable (even for just taking a look at it)?
I did almost no changes to the kdesvn-1.4.1 config file and set these 
enviromnnt variables:

    export KDEDIR="${HOME}/kde"
    export KDEDIRS="${KDEDIR}"
    export QTDIR="${HOME}/qt4"
    export PATH="${KDEDIR}/bin:${QTDIR}/bin:${PATH}"
    export LD_LIBRARY_PATH="${KDEDIR}/lib:${QTDIR}/lib"

I use a seperat user account to compile it.

This is my config files without comments:

kdetest at horus ~ $ grep -v ^# .kdesvn-buildrc | grep -v ^$
        qtdir ~/qt4
        configure-flags --enable-debug
        cxxflags -pipe
        make-options -j2
end global
module qt-copy
        configure-flags -qt-gif -no-exceptions -fast -qdbus \
                        -nomake examples -nomake demos
        apply-qt-patches true          
end module
module kdesupport
end module
module kdelibs
        configure-flags --enable-sendfile --enable-mitshm
end module
module kdepimlibs
end module
module kdebase
        configure-flags --with-pam --with-shadow
end module
module kdemultimedia
end module
module kdegames
end module
module kdenetwork
end module
module kdepim
    configure-flags --disable-exchange
end module
module kdeutils
end module
module kdegraphics
end module
module kdeaddons
end module
module kdeartwork
end module

Thanks for help!

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