KMix Sound Issues...

Timothy Klaver timothyklaver at
Sun Aug 12 23:31:44 BST 2007

Why is it that every time I restart my computer KMix resets my sound 
settings? I set it to 'SB Live 5.1', but every time I turn on my 
computer it is set back to 'NVidia nForce 2' (motherboard). Is this a 
flaw within Kubuntu? I have run Live CDs for Mandriva 2007 and Fedora 
Core 7, not to mention installing Linspire once, and they all configure 
my soundcard on-the-fly. Kubuntu continually leaves me without sound. 
Even Kopete, when I set all the sound notifications so I know when 
people are messaging me, quit giving sound on a reboot. What's up with 
that? How can I remedy this? I'm new to Linux and desire things to work 
the way they're supposed to. I'm enjoying Kubuntu (KDE for the most 
part) and would like very much to completely do away with Windows. Thank 
you for any help I can get.
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