system logging facility in kde4?

pol linux_milano at
Tue Aug 7 14:08:46 BST 2007

As a plain user i would like to be able to better isolate my desktop
problems, as they occur. therefore i would appreciate an effort to improve
To my knowledge, currently users get informations about how system is
working only from the .xsession-errors file, that is flooded with
completely useless messages as 
        "QPainter::begin: Painter is already active.
        You must end() the painter before a second begin()"
that cannot be stopped, while lacking informations about what is going on
when troubles occur. 
Is there a way, with kde3, to get more informations from the system? 
Will kde4 be smarter and more informative?

Here are a few recent issues for which i wasn't able to get enough
- The kicker freezes due to unknown interactions with amarok. As i kill
amarok, the kicker activity is restored.
- Kmail freezes while reading my inbox through the local imap  server
(dovecot) - The only thing i can do is to kill and restart kmail. 
- Logging out freezes. The only thing i can do is to kill xsession with
- Recovering the latter session, as logging in, works satisfactorily, but
sometimes something is altered:  missing applets, windows are not in the
original desktop place. 

thank you 


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