Bad fonts in GTK applications in Kubuntu 6.10

Michael Mauch michael.mauch at
Thu Aug 2 20:30:04 BST 2007

Basil Fowler wrote:

> I have an annoying, but not serious, problem with certain applications running 
> in Kubuntu 6.10.
> The applications concerned are Electric Eyes, Alsaplayer, and Audacity. As I 
> understand the matter, these applications use the GTK widget set.
> When I open any menu, the items are displayed in a large bitmapped 
> Hevetica-type font (about 18 point), that is rather ugly. Previously, I have 
> installed Electric Eyes in various versions of other distros (SuSE, Mandriva, 
> Vector) and the appearance has always been clean and tidy, with the font 
> being approximately 12 point with nicely rounded corners.
> I am sure that the cure is a matter of a simple adjustment somewhere, but 
> what? 

Try running the gnome-settings-daemon, it should tell the xsettings to
the Gnome applications. If that doesn't help or has unwanted effects,
try creating and editing ~/.gtkrc-2.0 and put something like that in it:

style "user-font"
        font_name="Lucida 10"
widget_class "*" style "user-font"

# gtk-theme-name="Qt"
gtk-font-name="Lucida 10"


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