Bad fonts in GTK applications in Kubuntu 6.10

Basil Fowler b.j.fowler at
Thu Aug 2 10:22:03 BST 2007

Hello All,

I have an annoying, but not serious, problem with certain applications running 
in Kubuntu 6.10.

The applications concerned are Electric Eyes, Alsaplayer, and Audacity. As I 
understand the matter, these applications use the GTK widget set.

When I open any menu, the items are displayed in a large bitmapped 
Hevetica-type font (about 18 point), that is rather ugly. Previously, I have 
installed Electric Eyes in various versions of other distros (SuSE, Mandriva, 
Vector) and the appearance has always been clean and tidy, with the font 
being approximately 12 point with nicely rounded corners.

I am sure that the cure is a matter of a simple adjustment somewhere, but 


Basil Fowler
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