Mounting CD ROM

sam mirshafie at
Sat Apr 28 20:34:55 BST 2007

One way to browse a disc or removable drive in KDE is to open Konqueror and 
type system:/ in the location bar. Hard drives, optical discs and USB drives 
should show up under Storage Media. (In fact, when you open a new Konqueror 
window, you should get a screen with a shortcut named Storage Media. That 
works too. You can access that page by typing about:konqueror in the Location 

Since I use Konqueror for both file management and web browsing, I've set my 
first tab to be a split tree view with three system:/ panes. You can split a 
view horizontally with Ctrl+Shift+L. To keep this, configure KDE to 
automatically save sessions in KControl, or save the session manually from 
the K menu.

Many distributions automatically mount CDs nowadays. If you have to/want to 
mount CDs by command line you might be interested in creating aliases. Just 
add the following two lines to ~/bashrc
alias mountcd='sudo mount /dev/cdrom /media/cdrom'
alias umountcd='sudo umount /dev/cdrom'

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