Programming for KDE 4 in KDE 3

Matthew Woehlke mw_triad at
Wed Apr 18 17:36:23 BST 2007

Dotan Cohen wrote:
> I need to develop some KDE GUI apps for my own personal use in Python,
> but I see that most of the documentation is for KDE 4:
> As I plan on moving to KDE 4 later this year when it becomes
> available, the tutorials are relevant for me. Can I install KDE 4 in
> such a way that I can develop using the material in these tutorials,
> yet continue using KDE 3 in my daily work? How would one do this? I am
> on Fedora Core 6.

Read If you are 
developing a single app, it is pretty easy to run Konsole and launch 
your app from an appropriate environment. I'm doing this to hack on KATE 
while running a full KDE3 environment for most of my use.

> If this is not the appropriate mailing list, then please direct me to
> the correct one and accept my appologies. Thank you.

kde-devel is probably better, this tends to be user issues.


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