Konqueror: change to linked directory?

Robert Morrison orbert at orbert.net
Wed Apr 18 17:01:42 BST 2007

Maybe an odd question, but ...

If Konqueror is displaying a soft-linked dir, is there 
a way to tell it to "cd" to the dir that is linked?

Background: I have a ~/proj that contains a bunch of 
symbolic links, most to dirs somewhere down in a project 
tree. Sometimes it would be convenient to move up the
tree; in a shell, it's easy:

~/proj/foo-newbar$ cd -P .
/projects/clients/foocorp/bar-phase2$ cd ../whatever

(Simplified example; actual paths tend to be much longer.)

No easy way I've found in Konqueror to "get to" ../whatever. 
What I do now is F4, "pwd -P", and then cut-and-paste the
path to a new tab. Then close the extra shell. Kinda 
clumsy; any suggestions appreciated. TIA.
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