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Philip Rodrigues philip.rodrigues at chch.ox.ac.uk
Sun Apr 15 11:48:01 BST 2007

Hi Larry,

> For the twelve years or so that I've been using X, I've had emacs
> keybindings when editing in whichever window manager. I'm giving KDE a
> try, and my biggest frustration is that it seems to default to
> microsoft keybidings (ctrl-a selects all, rather than going to the
> beginning of the line). I've asked on various fora, and done quite a
> few web searches, but all I have found is people asking how to change
> key bindings, but I haven't found any answers.
> I thought I had something today when in control center->
> kde components-->
> component chooser

As you seem to have suggested, you have two options here: either you can use
KDE text editing programs, and try to change their shortcuts to be
emacs-like, or you can just set your file associations in KDE to open emacs
for files that you want to edit. I expect that your best bet is to try
doing both of those. 

To get emacs-like keybindings in KDE apps, you can use control center ->
regional & a11y -> keyboard shortcuts, and especially the "application
shortcuts" tab (where you can set things like Ctrl+A to go to beginning of
line). I thought there used to be a "emacs-like" option there, but it seems
that (in KDE 3.5 at least), you have to set each binding individually...

For the second thing, you can set the file association for certain file
types to emacs (so when, eg you click on a C file in konqueror, it opens
for editing in emacs). To do this, use control center -> kde components ->
file associations.

(Just to explain the "embedded text editor" option you mentioned: that's
limited to applications providing KDE-embeddable "KParts", which is why
emacs doesn't appear there).

Hope that helps,
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