kicker menu and sticky windows

Wu-Kung Sun sunwukung at
Thu Apr 12 00:48:25 BST 2007

Thanks for helping me guys!

On 4/11/07, Kevin Krammer <kevin.krammer at> wrote:
> I am not sure this is actually configurable, more likely it is built by code.

Ok, I've always heard so much about KDE configurability and generally
found it to be true.  I guess this is a limit.

On 4/11/07, kitts <kitts.mailinglists at> wrote:
> Could this be what you mean?

It looks like it could do what I'm after.  If what I meant wasn't
clear: when windows are maximized, they don't pass under the kicker
but stop at it's edge.  There's something special about the kicker and
I was hoping for some way to make other windows behave the same.

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